But Not Too Busy To...

Despite being quite busy, this week, with another Babar storyboard (that I’m trying to finish for Monday), I still find time to think.

A couple of days ago, I thought of a concept for another short film, but I didn’t exactly know how I would end it. This morning, I came up with an ending that I liked and took a few minutes to type out what is now the official outline for my next short film project:


This will be a strait forward drama with some (I hope) funny bits. Hopefully, I will have some time over the winter to shoot it. STAIRS & STARES was shot in the middle of summer and it was uncomfortable as a result and shooting time was short because of the heat. If I shoot the new film in winter, I won’t have to worry about bad weather. However, I don’t know if the timing will work in my favor since I am busy with Babar and this new film, unlike STAIRS & STARES, will need a full script and I will also need to storyboard it. CONNECTED and STAIRS & STARES both didn’t have a storyboard, but because of some technical aspects that the new film will require, a storyboard will be needed. Hopefully, the script and storyboard can be done between Babar storyboards in time to still take advantage of the good winter weather.

I think I’ll shoot this new film in full HD. CONNECTED was shot worse than SD (On purpose) and STAIRS & STARES was shot in 720p so I figure that I may as well step up and go full on HD and see how that works out for me. Maybe it’ll be a good excuse to buy a new computer so I can edit the large video files with greater ease. Hmmm... yes.

Creativity and ideas are a fussy thing: you can go a long time with no ideas you feel happy about and then sometimes they just don’t stop. I have only considered STAIRS & STARES finished for little more than a week and I already have outlined the next film with an idea I like enough to spend real time on. YAY!

When the Tetris blocks are falling into place without any rotating or nudging, one must pay strict attention and not fight it.

My wisdom is endless.