Looking at the date of the last post, it appears that I have been out of circulation for a few months. Well, everyone needs a rest, especially when they are simply busy juggling the many balls of life that are ever present. Even more so when additional unexpected balls get tossed into the circle. In short: when one is busy and has a million things to do, something has to give and 999,999 things to do is still better than a million. Things have settled, however, and so I have time to post again more regularly. I hope to even find time to add some more materials to the site, but let’s not run before breath has been fully caught back!

So what is new?



-It looks like CONNECTED still has some life. Connected has been requested for screening at this year’s Seoul International Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival (SESIFF) in September. It was in competition two years ago at the same festival. I guess the organizers liked the film enough to have it back, but not for competition, this time. I’ve been invited to attend the festival and I think I’ll do just that. I’ve never been to Korea before so it should be a fun trip and what better reason to go? More festivals can feel free to invite me if they wish.

I’m considering documenting the trip and festival on film and turning it into something. If it works out, there will be something to show, later. If it amounts to nothing, well there you are.

-I’m writing a book! I call it a novelization, but a book is a book. A couple years ago, I wrote a screenplay for a film I wanted to make, but it has been sitting on ‘the shelf’ since then, primarily because it’s hard to get a movie going. I had the idea, one day, to turn it into a novel. It seemed like a novel idea.

(Pause so you can gather you sides which I’m sure just split)

Based on that joke, you get an idea of my classical style of writing that you can look forward to in my book.

Currently, I’m about half-way through the first draft. I hope to finish the first draft by mid-August. If I don’t, it may need to wait for the fall to be finished since I’ll be very busy again for the balance of the summer (excluding the next 3 weeks). I like yo write in chunks and not peck away, so I am waiting for a solid block of time where I can focus and make the book my only priority.

After the first draft, I’ll do ye old rewriting/revisions/polishing. After that, I’ll look into exactly how I want to publish and promote it: go though a publisher (If they’ll take it), self-publish, make it an eBook online? At this point, I’m collecting data and opinions. If anyone has any thoughts, experience, or knowledge of the book selling world, I’m happy to receive any thoughts and/or advice.

The book tittle is MY AFTER LOVE LIFE and it is what I would consider a love story. I don’t know if others would see it that way, but I do. And anyone who knows me knows what a romantic I am so that should lend credence to my opinion of the story.

Ok, so that’s the news worth updating for today. Regular updates are back as of…