Back in the Saddle Again... Almost.

Well, I’m back from Beijing and I’m done playing tour guide so everything can go back to normal after this weekend (I need to get my X’mas shopping done!!).

Night time at the Emperor’s Summer Palace. It’s good to be king, I tell ya.

The Great Wall is still great, the Forbidden City could be more forbidden and Tienamen Square isn’t any more square than it was the last time I was in it, but it was all good including every meal ranging from very good to outstanding which, I found out later, included eating at the #1 ranked Beijing Duck joint in the city. It was a fine duck indeed.

Sauce for the goose, or in this case... the duck.

My only complaint is that new video wall that splits Tienamen Square in two. I suppose it was put up during the Olympics in order for people to gather and watch the games in the square, but it blocks what used to be a very impressive and amazing sight: the square and the surrounding buildings. Now, it has lost what made it special and just has in its place a tacky looking and too bright anachronism that the square could well do without. I’m very glad I got to experience the square without it the last time I was in Beijing. That said, if you are thinking of going to Beijing, despite the video wall, it is well worth anyone’s time and expense. Just make sure you sneer when you walk by the not so great video wall.

You didn’t think I was going to post a picture of that awful video wall did you? Mr. Hu... Tear down that wall!! The video wall, that is. The one in the picture is pretty cool. I suggest you keep it.


In the meantime...

The new page (pg 41) has been posted over at HIMcomic. Click on the cover worthy preview of this week’s action to get more comics! YUM!!