New Short Film in the Works

After mulling over a new short film idea, I have decided that I’m going to press the button so I can give the go-ahead to green light the idea into my official next short film project. In the past week, I have researched, ordered and received a piece of equipment that will help make this film into a reality and I plan to go shopping, tomorrow, for the one thing I need that I don’t have: a tripod.

I’ve already done a handful of location test shooting that look good by me. In addition, since this film will involve quite a bit of visual effects work, on my part, I shot some tests for that and created a rough effect in order to see where the problems will be and to find as ideal solutions as possible.

Due to the amount of visual effects, and the rather time consuming nature of them, I’ll likely start shooting in July, if possible. I don’t expect primary shooting to take no more than a day: two at the most. Once the rough edit is done, I can start dealing with the visual effect. That, I expect to take several days or weeks, depending on how smoothly I can make them work.

All said, I would like the film finished and locked for the mid-Autumn season in time for local festivals. Less local festivals: I’ll worry about later.

I won’t say anything more about it, for now: at least not what the title or story is. May as well save that for when it is finished.

I’m excited about this new film and I pretty much knew the idea would turn into a film as soon as I had it (oh, a month or two ago), but I like to let things ferment before jumping in whole hog.

So now, I guess I’m in part hog.


The new page (pg 16) has been posted over at HIMcomic. Click on the action packed preview of this week’s budding action to get more comics! Yow!