Spring Cleaning

It seems that my hard drives are getting full and room must be made. It’s shocking, to me, just how many redundant files one can accumulate over time. I figure I should be able to reclaim at least 1/3 of free hard drive space by deleting all the duplicate files, safty copies of old versions of files and whatever other useless tidbits I stored thinking I may have need of.

Of course, one of the things I do enjoy about the procedure of spring cleaning of any kind (and house packing, for that matter) is going through everything and discovering assorted bric-a-brac that I’d forgotten about.

Today’s forgotten item: This cel set up I put together from the God of Dance promo. When I originally slapped these characters on this background, there was no promo to speak of and I don’t think there was even talk of one. I’d just finished an afternoon of drawing and color designing 7 characters for the God of Dance pitch bible and I just wanted to see what they would look like on a painted background.

I had on file some very nice watercolor animation background style paintings that were painted by a very skilled former animation background painter from China. He’s since given up on the animation business and is now merely a very skilled painter. I believe he’s also teaching at a university. I forget why I was given these painting files, but I always liked the feel of them and so I picked one painted and a couple of the characters that I thought would look good on it and voila.