The Making of God of Dance [radio edit] (Part Eight)


I think it was about a week before the pitch meeting that I met with Matthew and his lead animator Miles at a Starbucks so I could look at the rough animation footage that Miles had done. Only some of the shots had been rough animated, as you can see in the video where they were inserted into the animatic, but they basically looked good to me.

The only things I asked to be changed were some pretty minor points: adjusting camera angles and adding some tweaks to the camera moves, mostly. I was very reluctant to ask for changes that would take a lot of extra time (Not that there was anything major that needed to be fixed. Simage did an excellent job) since I was more concerned with the animation getting done. Luckily for me, the animation looked just fine, but I did ask for two changes that had to be made: When Rasta spins over Ramen’s head (0:06) and the kick move Rasta does that Ramen ducks (0:03).

The spin move, not reflected in the posted footage, only had one spin and I wanted more (I think three spins). Rasta’s kick move was animated with one foot on the ground at all times (You can see this in the posted video) and I wanted him to get some air to be more dynamic. Other than that, everything was a-ok and I was feeling very optimistic that we might have all the footage ready for the meeting.

One note about the animation and Simage: I didn’t impose upon them any restrictions. They were free to adjust timing and scene length as it suited the animation. The only restriction was the 15 seconds of music the animation had to fit into, but if they needed to extend or shorten a cut for the animation timing to work better, that was up to them. Animatics are imprecise tools at best and it is always better to allow the animator the ability to make the animation work. Too often if you lock a cut off to be a certain length, you get animation that is either too slow or too fast or the cut lingers or blinks on screen. The animator usually will be able to get a sense of what the precise scene length needs to be since they deal with it not in terms of seconds, but frames. As Director, I trusted Matthew and Miles’ experience, taste and professionalism. They didn’t let me down.

This next bit has nothing to do with the GoD promo, but... I don’t drink coffee. I mention it because the animation meeting was at a Starbucks in Hong Kong and all Chinese people think I drink coffee and I always say the same thing, “I don’t drink coffee”. I think I’m the only white guy in town who doesn’t drink coffee, drink myself silly all the time and is very crazy about eating curry because most Chinese people think I do and am. It’s terrible not being the stereotype/most common example of a white guy in town.

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