It Happens

Every once in a while I manage to do a drawing that I’m amused by. I present the following:

This is Monroe from Babar: The Adventures of Badou.

This is from an episode I storyboarded a couple of short sequences from, over the usual full story I’d normally do. Since this particular episode was a bit of a rush job/short schedule, I didn’t really have time to wait for missing designs to show up. So, for designs that could easily be substituted, I just made something up. If it was decided that my design was reasonably good, fine. If not, they, the studio, could just use whatever they like and tell someone down the pipeline to ignore mine. This is my design for Monroe as Pageboy of the Savanna: which consists of my giving him a necklace and a Jimsy (from Future Boy Conan) haircut. Works for me.

What amuses me most is how accurately this drawing reflects my demeanor when I was a child. My hairstyle wasn’t all that different, then, either.