I Don't Believe In You

I just finished typing the first draft for my next short film...


I’ll let this simmer for a bit before I come back to it for revisions/re-writes/second draft. Generally, I find a short gap of time between drafts allows for material to sink or swim. The things that work and the things that need to be fixed become pretty obvious once allowing time to force oneself to take a step back. I won’t shoot this film until the winter anyway, so I have plenty of time to make the script what I want it to be. If I’m lucky, I’ll come back to it and like it just fine, more or less.

So, I can now call today “a day” since I did something productive. Oh, I could do even more, but I have to start a new Babar storyboard, tomorrow, so it seems like a good idea to enjoy the rest of the day playing.