Comments boxes
You learn something new every day and today I learned how to add comment boxes to a website. The proof of my genius is in the pudding (below). Now, you can feel free to comment on what you see fit, when you see fit, how you see fit.

I want to give a quick thanks everyone who visited on the weekend, those who are still turning out to check out the site and those who plugged the launch of the site, such as the fine folks at

I got more visitors than I was expecting, which made my day. I hope everyone enjoyed what they saw and will return on Sunday for the next page in the ongoing story.

New Stuff
In addition to Comment Boxes, I added a photo to the CONNECTED page. It’s of the 2 awards presented to me from the 2009 Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival for BEST DRAMA and BEST STORY.

In case you are short of time, here’s the photo...


That is all for today.