The Tick vs. HIM (epilogue) or "TEAM!"

If you will recall a past post wherein I talked about a sketch that was done for a “fan” of The Tick, drawn by me, and HIM, drawn by Ben Edlund, creator of The Tick. When I wrote that post, I never expected “the Fan” to ever read it, but I had hoped he would and thus I would be able to get a copy of that sketch to post here.

As fate would have it, “the Fan” is in fact Michael Reed Thureson. Somehow, he found my site and read the story and was kind enough to write to me and send a photo of the HIM/Tick sketch. As soon as I saw his name in my inbox, I remembered exactly who Michael is.

So a personal thanks to Michael for sending me the picture of the sketch. I will update the old blog entry to include your name and the photo.

And here is the sketch...