Timothy Doesn't Go To School

I’ve added a new section called WRITING. Oddly, this is where I’ll post anything writing related. What’s first?

About a decade ago, I was a storyboard artist on a TV series called Timothy Goes to School. It was an animated series for PBS that consisted of two 12 or 13 minute stories about a raccoon called Timothy and his classmates (all different animals). It was based on a series of books by Rosemary Wells. I drew the storyboard for the first story where Timothy has his first day at school, and about 10 or 12 more. TV_timothygoestoschool_po

By the end of the second season, I really found myself enjoying the characters in the show. They all had distinct personalities and I could play off of that visually and it made drawing the series a pleasure. So much so that while I was storyboarding, I came up with an idea for a story. That led to 3 more stories that popped into my head, one morning while I was having a shower.

The next time I met with the series director, I pitched him the idea of writing for a third season, should there be one. He was cool with the idea (I don’t recall if I actually gave him the loose outlines to read or not) and I was looking forward to the idea of writing the stories and then doing the storyboards from my own scripts, which the director was also cool with. Alas, a third season never happened.

So, the first post in the new WRITING section are the 4 outlines I wrote for Timothy Goes To School. I think they are cute little stories. I think.

The new page (pg 9) has been posted over at HIMcomic. Click on the zippy preview of this week’s action to get more! ZOWIE!