The Best Teacher in the Whole World

Who is that? Well, I have to drop all false modesty for a moment and declare the winner to be ME!

From the art files was dug out a drawing I had done for a student while I was teaching English to children, part-time for kicks. When is was discovered that I could draw in one particular class, one of the students, a boy named Karl, started asking me to draw him a Marvel Hero, every week, because he’d started watching the Marvel movies and he liked them a lot. I’d give the students some work to do after teaching the lesson for the week and while they were busy, I’d draw a character for Karl. Well, Eventually, the other students wanted a drawing and I’m an old softy so I did them.


I did a drawing of some cats for Abby and that led to a request from Victoria for a drawing with 21 cats. An interesting request to be sure. Enjoying a challenge, I got cracking. The end result is the drawing (above) of 21 cats worshiping a McDonalds hashbrown (And why not? They are delish!). I forget why hashbrowns were such an important topic for that class, but they were. I think one of the kids may have brought McDonalds to class, one day, and I scolded them for it by saying, “You brought food to eat in class? You bought breakfast from McDonalds to eat in class and you didn’t buy me a hashbrown? Shame on you! Next week, if you stop there, buy me a hashbrown”, and I gave her some money. I believe she showed up the following week with food and an extra hashbrown to earn the brownie points. Anyway, that’s why there is a giant hashbrown in the picture.

Now, why was I the best teacher in the whole world?

1) Even I think, in hindsight, that I did a nice drawing for the student. Nicer than I would have thought I’d have done.

2) I let them eat in class. My only rule was, “If you are going to eat in class, don’t hide it under the table: food belongs on the table.” I;d then take whatever food they were eating, put it atop the table and let them eat while I continued with the lesson.

My wisdom is endless.


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