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This would be the first post for what is a website devoted to the showcase of my creative comings and goings and gones. Over the course of a 20 year, and counting, career in Animation and sometimes comics, one can build up quite a lot of materials to show in the proverbial case.

What I’m trying to get at is that this site will be an ongoing project. Various items, such as artworks and films, will be added as I go; hopefully, in some kind of timely manner. I suppose that all depends on how much new art I need to generate at any given time. However, it is my objective to update at least once a week, if not more, and so I should expect a lot of materials to be posted somewhat quickly.

In this space (blog), I will write about said updates and about whatever topics that might come to mind. Based on what you have just read, you already have a solid taste of the literary wonderment that the future holds in this space.

Ok, I’ll try harder, next time.

Cut 24 Rasta Pencil Art

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