Funny or Die

Connected is now posted at Please feel free to go HERE and watch Connected and vote it “funny” because I don’t want to die.

Connected_02_jpg“Steve, you go to die! That would be funny!”, says Sharon.



God of Dance [radio edit]

Newly added to this site is the God of Dance section which can be found under the Films category.

This is a 45 second (excluding credits) promo I co-developed and directed in 2008. It was made as part of a pitch for a TV Series concept. It was a blast to make and I’d love to do more things like it. Cut 01 Finished Art

More info is on the page itself.

The new page (pg 7) has been posted over at HIMcomic, so please go check it out and laugh until your sides split. Bandage yourself up and laugh some more! What can it hurt?



Comments boxes
You learn something new every day and today I learned how to add comment boxes to a website. The proof of my genius is in the pudding (below). Now, you can feel free to comment on what you see fit, when you see fit, how you see fit.

I want to give a quick thanks everyone who visited on the weekend, those who are still turning out to check out the site and those who plugged the launch of the site, such as the fine folks at

I got more visitors than I was expecting, which made my day. I hope everyone enjoyed what they saw and will return on Sunday for the next page in the ongoing story.

New Stuff
In addition to Comment Boxes, I added a photo to the CONNECTED page. It’s of the 2 awards presented to me from the 2009 Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival for BEST DRAMA and BEST STORY.

In case you are short of time, here’s the photo...


That is all for today.



HIM Returns!

After a ten year hiatus, I have decided to reactivate my old comic character, HIM, as a web comic:

HIM was a comic series I had started in 1989 in a mini-comic called ‘LETHARGIC COMICS, WEAKLY’ , that Greg Hyland was publishing. The mini-comic sold well enough that we decided to take a crack at self-publishing LCW as a full sized black and white independent title.

By the time I had stopped making HIM, he had appeared in 39 issues of the ‘LETHARGIC COMICS, WEAKLY’ mini-comic, 12 issues of ‘LETHARGIC COMICS, WEAKLY’, 3 issues of ‘TALES of LETHARGY’, 15 issues of ‘LETHARGIC COMICS’ and 13 issues as a back-up series in ‘LETHARGIC LAD’. In addition to all that, I self published a ‘HIM Trade Paperback’ that reprinted the HIM stories from ‘LETHARGIC COMICS’ as well as one brand new story only ever printed in the trade.

8851511_1 18971252_1 8851011_1
himtpb is the first time HIM will be ‘published’ in colour. As much as I like black and white comics, I always felt that HIM and my art style lent itself to colour . I am very happy to be able to present HIM as I always would have liked to.

The story presented is the last story I was working on before stopping my comics work to focus on other things. The comics that will be posted for the next while are ‘reprints’ of a sort, but in colour. In the meantime, I will be writing and drawing new pages to continue the story that I always wanted to complete: The Story of ‘HER’.

A new page of the story will be posted every Sunday, but the first post is the first 6 pages that were originally published as the first chapter when in printed comics form.

Confused? Wait ‘till you read the comic!!

So, I guess the next section I need to add to this site is a HIM page!



News and Stuff

This would be the first post for what is a website devoted to the showcase of my creative comings and goings and gones. Over the course of a 20 year, and counting, career in Animation and sometimes comics, one can build up quite a lot of materials to show in the proverbial case.

What I’m trying to get at is that this site will be an ongoing project. Various items, such as artworks and films, will be added as I go; hopefully, in some kind of timely manner. I suppose that all depends on how much new art I need to generate at any given time. However, it is my objective to update at least once a week, if not more, and so I should expect a lot of materials to be posted somewhat quickly.

In this space (blog), I will write about said updates and about whatever topics that might come to mind. Based on what you have just read, you already have a solid taste of the literary wonderment that the future holds in this space.

Ok, I’ll try harder, next time.

Cut 24 Rasta Pencil Art

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