New Short Mobile Film

We interrupt The Making of God of Dance for some broken news:

On Sunday, I started shooting what will be my second short mobile film.

I’m doing things a bit differently, this time, as for starters, I’m shooting with an iPhone4. I don’t have to use a mobile device for shooting a mobile film, but I’m not sure what the practicality of using an HD cam is when the designated delivery system is about the size of an iPhone screen or maybe an ipad. iPhone video has a nice picture and it’s fast and easy to deal with (plus, I have one). Using an HD cam or shooting in full HD seems like wasting fuel, to me.

There is also no script for this one. Last time, making Connected, I had a full script written before shooting. I didn’t use a storyboard, but I at least had a script to make notes on. This film: no script, no storyboard and no notes. Everything will be done in camera and editing.

I’m also in this film on camera... be warned and be afraid.

The only thing consistent with the last film (Connected) will be another appearance by Sharon Mak. She’s been my go-to girl on all my short films (Connected, Listen to Me... MoMo...) and I suspect she’ll show up in the next one. All her parts were shot on Sunday. She did a fine job and I expect that I won’t need her to do any more takes. Thanks, Sharon!


Over the past 3 days, I’ve shot quite a bit of footage. One more round of shooting should get me everything I need to start building the film in editing. After a rough cut, maybe I’ll need to shoot some minor pick-ups: maybe not.

Once the rough cut is done, then comes what I expect will be a couple tedious tasks: Special effects and replacing most of the audio. This new film will have a certain amount of effects work in it and I’m not really certain if that will be easy or less so. If I’m lucky and my plan works out well, it will be a simple task. If my plan fails, I’m afraid I’m in for some very long hours. My first impression of the audio is that it isn’t strong enough as it is and will at least need to be enhanced, but there is also the possibility that I will need to replace all the audio and rebuild it from scratch. I’ll decide which it is to be after the rough cut is together.

My hope was to have said rough cut finished before the weekend. Now, I’m wondering if that was a bit optimistic. Maybe early next week is more likely. Then again, when I get on a roll I roll quickly so I can hope.