The Making of God of Dance [radio edit] (Part Nine)


The final day before the actual pitch meeting, for me, was pretty leisurely. I had finished all the artwork I needed to generate and it was all composited and spliced into the timeline by Tom Berger the editor. All I had to do was wait for the finished animation footage to be delivered from Simage and that was not to arrive until sometime around 10:00 in the evening. The finished promo had to be delivered to Andrew, who by this time was in China, by 7:00 AM the next morning because he would be prepping to leave his hotel around then to proceed to the pitch meeting.

The finished footage arrived and it was mostly all great. But, there were some changed that needed to be made. Some had to do with continuity errors (some the backgrounds in some shots were not the right ones) and some with taking out some hand held camera action that in the end just didn’t look right. That kept me up late in order to then look at the revised footage. Ok, so that arrived and I had to do the unthinkable: I had to ask the artist to change all the backgrounds back to what they originally were when they were continuity errors from the newly revised “correct” angles. This kept me up the rest of the night.

Ok, why did I ask for backgrounds to be changed to fix continuity errors only to return the corrected footage, with proper background positioning, back to the footage wherein the backgrounds were not right (In other words, the wrong wall was behind the character)? Well, it was simple: they looked better. Maybe they backgrounds in the shot were not the walls that should be behind the character, but they looked more interesting than what would be “correct”. My rationale was (is) simply this: I’d rather go with what looks good than what is “correct”. I seriously doubted anyone would notice the error. If they did, then the promo failed to capture their attention anyway since they had the thought to spot a minor continuity error. I guess my judgement was good because not a single person has ever noticed any continuity errors.

I think the final footage arrived to me at around 5:00 AM and I signed off on it. Simage was done and I can’t sing their praises enough. They did nothing short of a professional job done as promised and done not only on time, but in fact a week earlier than they said they could deliver the footage in. What more could I have asked for? Not a single shot planned for didn’t get done and not done well.

The footage was then delivered to Tom for editing. I had to stay up in order to look at the final edit and make sure everything was right in the final promo. All the while, I was on Skype Chat with Tom and the Executive Producer. I hate text chats and I will never use them in any production I am in charge of. What a waste of time. Juggling text conversations with two different people while trying to look at footage for analysis was no way to work efficiently. All that chatter in text form could have been solved in 1/4 of the time if it was just done as a phone call. It was a major distraction from the work and I’ll never use that method of communication, for work, again.

7:00 AM rolled around and I signed off on the final edit. There was one small problem that I found, but couldn’t put my finger on what the problem was (I had been up all night), but I signed off. There wasn’t time to nit pick. I figured it out later, but no one has pointed out the error, so I won’t either. It’s very minor.

I called Andrew at his hotel to tell him that the finished promo was being uploaded to an FTP site and will be ready for him before the meeting. He was getting ready to go when I called him.

It was down to the wire, but the promo was finished and Andrew was able to go to the pitch meeting with potential investors armed with a 45 second finished promo (Remember it was only supposed to be 30 seconds long). The Toronto team was only able to promise him one built character that would spin on an axis endlessly as a video presentation, but Andrew now went with something of substance to show in the meeting.

As for me, I went to bed at 7:30 AM. My job was done.

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