Film Update: Principal Photography Complete

Picture 1
Making good use of a delay between Babar scripts, I spend a few days shooting my new short film. Luckily for me, it all went well and I’m 90% sure I won’t have to do any extra shooting and I can work with the footage I have.
Picture 9
I have completed the rough cut of the film (Hence my 90% certainty. 10% is for surprises) and I’m quite satisfied with how it is coming together. It will need the usual tweaking and tightening, but I’ll worry about that after I have completed the special effects when I will have completed visuals to make tweaking and tightening more accurate.
Picture 6
Next step: Planning, shooting, executing and incorporating the special effects. I have a new Babar script on my table so the special effects will have to wait until I’m next between storyboards. I’ll be very pleased if the effects are completed by the end of September. I have 25 effects shots so if I can manage to do one cut per day, I’ll meet my target.

Picture 2