I thought I would get some HIM pages in the can, this week, since I have some free time.

A while back, when I was drawing HIM as a back up series in the ongoing Lethargic Lad comic series. I had just started inking HIM for issue #14 (The first page and parts of the next 2 or 3) when word came to me that number 13 was to be the final issue of Lethargic Lad. Naturally, I put the work down and shelved it, having no plans to continue with HIM, at the time. The story did see print in penciled form, with lettering, in a mini-comic called “The Unfinished Lethargic Lad #14”, but the inked pages (I always inked with a clean page over the pencils by using a light box) have not been seen by anyone other than myself.

Now that I have reactivated HIM via and decided to return to the story I never finished, I needed to finish inking those pages that I actually penciled some ten years ago.

As I said, Some of the pages were partly inked. My usual method of inking involved laying a fresh sheet of light bristol board over the penciled page and starting to ink with a thin marker to do all the detailing that would have been to fine to do with my paintbrush. Once I’d finished the marker work, I would get out my brush and do all that line work and fill in the blacks. The last stage would be to take markers and draw all the HIM chest logos., I looked at what will be the page for page 45 and it had all the marker work done already: I just needed to do the brushwork.


Well, my old brush just isn’t what it used to be. Its day is done. A sad day indeed, since anyone who uses brushes will tell you how hard it is to find a good one that lasts and is a workhorse. Faced with buying a new one, I decided to try to ink the brush phase digitally. Aside from the loss of some of the great features a brush provides that digital will never be able to replicate, I think it turned out ok! I’ll at least finish this chapter by using the bit of paper/bit of digital method. Whether I will do all digital pages, part digital or 100% hard copy art when it comes time to produce 100% new pages, I don’t as yet know. I will certainly not pencil in digital (that’s for sure) but inking... maybe.

Anyway, here is the finished page. Can you tell that it wasn’t all paper?


Incidentally, I scanned the semi-inked page into Manga Debut and inked the brushwork with that. I originally bought it for the AMAZING screen tones feature, but it is actually a pretty solid comic art program. Though I am still a fan of paper (Maybe someday I will articulate my multipule reasons why) , this is a pretty solid tool. For the price I got it at, it is more than worth it!

If you draw comics, that is.