HIM Returns!

After a ten year hiatus, I have decided to reactivate my old comic character, HIM, as a web comic:


HIM was a comic series I had started in 1989 in a mini-comic called ‘LETHARGIC COMICS, WEAKLY’ , that Greg Hyland was publishing. The mini-comic sold well enough that we decided to take a crack at self-publishing LCW as a full sized black and white independent title.

By the time I had stopped making HIM, he had appeared in 39 issues of the ‘LETHARGIC COMICS, WEAKLY’ mini-comic, 12 issues of ‘LETHARGIC COMICS, WEAKLY’, 3 issues of ‘TALES of LETHARGY’, 15 issues of ‘LETHARGIC COMICS’ and 13 issues as a back-up series in ‘LETHARGIC LAD’. In addition to all that, I self published a ‘HIM Trade Paperback’ that reprinted the HIM stories from ‘LETHARGIC COMICS’ as well as one brand new story only ever printed in the trade.

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himcomic.com is the first time HIM will be ‘published’ in colour. As much as I like black and white comics, I always felt that HIM and my art style lent itself to colour . I am very happy to be able to present HIM as I always would have liked to.

The story presented is the last story I was working on before stopping my comics work to focus on other things. The comics that will be posted for the next while are ‘reprints’ of a sort, but in colour. In the meantime, I will be writing and drawing new pages to continue the story that I always wanted to complete: The Story of ‘HER’.

A new page of the story will be posted every Sunday, but the first post is the first 6 pages that were originally published as the first chapter when in printed comics form.

Confused? Wait ‘till you read the comic!!

So, I guess the next section I need to add to this site is a HIM page!