Another animatic to present:

The PONG was my idea. Cuz I’m old.

This was from the TV series called STOKED. It was a Flash Animation series produced by Elliot Animation in Toronto.

One of the big challenges that I find with Flash shows are finding ways to try and not make them repetitive looking and visually dull. The biggest challenge on Stoked was the studio mandate that the board artists were to use the backgrounds provided and we were not to create new angles. Ok, not a big problem, but a challenge to try and not allow things to start looking like it’s the same angles over and over and over.

You may notice that the backgrounds, more or less, were all actual designs supplied to me rather than me hand drawing them. Sometimes I did, but mostly I just used the design files provided.

One thing I liked to do was move the camera a lot and keep the camera movement as snappy as I could. In the animatics, I don’t typically time shots very specifically, but I do time the camera movements to the speed I want them at (Whether anyone down the line followed what I indicated is another matter).

I did the storyboard for the entire episode 26. If you watch the actual finished episode (Search YouTube) and compare it to the animatic, you’ll see changes have been made between this animatic (unrevised pur Steve) and the final show.


Stoked is © Elliott Animation, Fresh TV or both.